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Comparison review: Forex Megadroid vs. FAP Turbo

Comparison review: Forex Megadroid vs. FAP Turbo

The Forex Megadroid and the FAP Turbo have both had extravagant attention catching launches. It would be interesting to find out how the two Forex robots compare with each other.

The two Forex robots are built on two completely different systems. Megadroid uses Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis (RCTPA). On the other hand, FAP Turbo makes use of High Spread Protection System (HSPS) as well as Built In Loss Prevention (BILP).

Forex Megadroid trades only in one currency pair: EUR/USD, whereas FAP Turbo trades in almost every currency pair.

The Megadroid robot has a built in anti-broker mechanism. This enables the user to trade undetected by brokers who may trade against the interests of their clients to make a fast buck. FAP Turbo does not have this anti-broker mechanism.

FX Megadroid comes with a two built in strategies: Aggressive and Conservative. FAP Turbo comes with the settings: Long Term Trading and Scalper.

Once you have bought FX Megadroid robot through Clickbank, you can use it for multiple accounts with the same Clickbank ID. FAP Turbo only works with one account and is locked to it. If you want to use FAP Turbo with another account, you have to buy another license of FAP Turbo.

Also, Megadroid comes with a Recovery Mode. This means that if you are making losses, you can not only cut back on them, but you can double the lot size of your trades to also recover as money lost capital as possible. FAP Turbo does not come with this option.

Since Forex Megadroid trades only on one currency, it does not trade very often. But, when it does trade it can multiply your investment quickly. On the other hand, FAP Turbo trades frequently as it trades on many different currency pairs.

My personal recommendation here is: If you want to stay trading with a single currency pair and you like the one that Forex Megadroid offers, then your choice should definitely be Forex Megadroid. On the other hand, if you’re  more of a person that likes to split his investment as a strategy, then you should definitely go for the automated trading system: FAP Turbo.

The final word is yours,

Forex MegadroidFAP Turbo

FAP Turbo in the spotlight

FAP Turbo in the spotlight

Forex trading can be a lucrative way of earning. However, by being ignorant of the right rules, many have fallen into deep trouble in Forex Trading. Those who spend time making a good effort scrutinizing charts, indicators and past behaviors of the Forex market may get good profit. Although this can only be possible after spending a considerable time working in the market. However, traders who use the right tools have made a good, and even better profit. One of the most reliable tools in this regard is FAP Turbo robot. It has great ability to analyze the behavior of the Forex Market. With zero faults and the ability to gain maximum profit FAP Turbo robot is the most reliable tool to assist you in trading.

FAP Turbo robot is a fully automated tool run with the most reliable software in the arena of Forex Trading. It has the capability to earn you more than $6000 within a month from your $2000 investment. The exclusivity of FAP Turbo lies in its usefulness for those who have vast experience in Forex trading and that’s not all, even if you are still a novice in the field, it works equally well.

With FAP Turbo robot you can start Forex Trading with a minimum investment and the robot acts on your behalf around the clock everyday. As FAP Turbo robot is fully automated, you don’t have to be at the computer the whole day analyzing the situation. The hard part of trading will be done by the robot, which includes analyses of your Forex account so as to certify the profit in a stable manner.

Here are 10 facts why traders should choose FAP Turbo trading robot:

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Forex Automoney in the spotlight


Many people have succeeded in searching for better automated trading systems to work for them in the field of Forex Trading. Nevertheless, an equal number of people have lost to the same reason, as they have been duped by scam robots with promises of great fortunes. But these have never proved themselves true in real world. Within this backdrop, the Forex Automoney robot is an exclusive product, as it has proven its capability in the high risk Forex trade.

Forex Autonomey does this by gathering data in, keeping with many types of currencies and sending signals informing traders of the correct time to buy and sell. Its signals are mostly 100 percent accurate. If you own a Forex Automoney robot, you are able to relax as it can do the evaluation of the market effectively and deliver the profit efficiently.

The Automoney robot gives three types of signals. The first is the intraday signal which tell the trader the precise time to buy or sell six times per day. The second type of signal gives out a daily one time signal while the third gives out weekly signals. The three options have to be selected by the user according to what suits the individual best. Moreover in the member’s area users can find ready-to-use signals for these three strategies, real time Forex market quotes and up-to-the-minute Forex news.

Here’s a peek of how the robot looks inside the member’s area:


Additionally, a detailed on-line manual with basics of Forex trading will be given to users with the purchase of the membership, as well as instructions on how to use Automoney signals, a glossary section and FAQs. They will also receive a list of links to the best online Forex brokers.

As in all other automated gadgets, the Forex Automoney robot can also go wrong and you may lose money. A good advice to avoid this risk is to trade diversifying the duration in which you wish to trade.

Forex Automoney is in the Forex trading field for more than ten years now and during this period it has helped many Forex Traders in profiting effectively. The field is not confined only to individuals but also to huge companies that are into Forex Trading on a regular basis. Besides, its fabulous results are a good reason to own one, as you don’t have to spend that much to get its service.

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How to choose between Forex robots and signals


A Forex Robot is a system which is designed to understand the ups and downs of the market. It helps to eliminate the human factor from trading which would mean that there would be no mistakes made from any emotional decisions.

It’s very hard to understand which forex robot to choose especially if you are not so knowledgeable  of the FX market or computers. But like in every decision that you have to make in life you need to be smart when  choosing the right forex robot to work for you.

First off, you need to understand the level of security that the forex robot provides as it asks for a lot of sensitive information since it deals with money and this information is required to process the trades. So, it’s advisable that you choose a forex robot that can process your trades with only the information that you provide through the internet. Look for the SSL certification which will be sort of a firewall for hackers who can get into the system and use the sensitive information against you. See if they are affiliated with security sites such as SecurityNet this could be an added advantage for you when selecting your forex robot.

It is also important that you talk to robot’s dealers to understand what they are offering and make sure that they take you through the process without any loop holes and that they explain the concept of forex marketing thoroughly. When talking to them you will get an idea if they know the market that they are dealing in.

You should not just go for the cheapest forex robot in the market. You have to take into account that this is money we’re talking about, and that making a decision just by the price of the product is not good at all. Also make sure that you try out some dummy forex robots and free trials before you make your decision of investment. Lastly, you must know that having a forex robot is not all about the money, it will also help you learn to invest wisely, which is one of the strongests factors when it comes to choose a Forex Automated Trading System.

Now, Forex Signals are a set of analysis and recommendations that forex traders use to make purchasing or trading decision of currencies at a given moment of time. These analysis are done by monitoring the exchange market and makes it much easier for people using them to make decisions on trades.

You have to be very careful when selecting a forex signal provider. It’s very easy to get carried away by the past results of a company and dream about the profits that you will be able to make by following its signals. Most often, this information could be exaggerated or even being hypothetical.

You need to be smart and search for companies that are headed by professional traders or teams that trade their own signals so that the risk goes both ways. You know that they will not have bloated up their figures and will give you the confidence to trade more efficiently. Also consider joining signal providers that have their own trading rooms in which way you will learn from the traders who construct the signals some tips and tricks when it comes to forex trading. Lastly, it’s important that you find a signal provider who offers a trial period, as many of these sites tend to be very expensive and so you get a peek of what you’re going to get.

Here is my recommendation for these two tools:

Best Forex SignalsBest Forex Robot

How to use a Forex Trading Robot? What to do, What not to do?


Forex Robots are automated programs used by both new and experienced Forex traders. In the market there are a lot of Forex robots to choose from and it is important for a trader to choose the right one to suit his needs. Using these services will increase a traders overall profit and speed up the process.

What to do?

One should always buy a Forex robot that can be easily installed and one that can be installed on a remote web server which will let you access your account from anywhere. This will save you a lot of trouble. No matter how good the robot is, one should always know that the final decisions rests on you. A manual account should be kept and one should use these tools only as a backup in case you want to double- check something. Sometimes the track records displayed will be simulated which will give you the wrong picture. Checking a real time track record will give you a better idea.

Use the Forex robots to compare decisions and as a number analyzer. You can use its advice on hoe to move in the market but the final decision should always be yours. At times when you are away, it may be alright to let the robot take over but otherwise a lot of money could be lost. Before you choose a Forex robot confirm that it is compatible with the the currency pair that you want to deal with. Also find out if your broker is compatible with the robot you are going to buy before you buy it.

What not to do?

Even though the Forex robots increase your profits, the final decision should be taken by you. The robot you use should allow you to change the settings of trading any time you want to. Though they make your work easy, one should know that you can’t trust it completely and your own experience should also be used while taking decisions in trading. Trading using the Forex robots as a primary decision maker can result in losing a lot of money hence one should always keep a track of all the trading activity. Trusting the Forex robot completely can lead to you losing a lot of money.

Forex trading is more or less like gambling and robots cannot predict the future. The robots can only help you take better decision. Most good robot services come with a disclaimer saying they cannot guarantee success. So always buy a robot which promises a refund. Instead of blindly trusting reviews, it will be wiser to learn the trading tricks yourself and use the robot only to confirm if you are on the right track.

One should buy robots that are released in the last year or two as they will be developed around the current economic conditions and will work better than older versions. If not for this, find ones that have been updated recently. Old robots will be designed to suit old economic conditions and it may not do the prediction well for the current conditions.

Forex Megadroid Review. Any market condition robot.

Forex Megadroid Review. Any market condition robot.

Most Forex robots conduct trades based on analysis of past trades. Forex Megadroid is the only Forex automated trading system which is able to look into the future. It uses breakthrough artificial intelligence called RCPTA (Reverse Correlated Price and Time Analysis) technology to unerringly predict a profitable trade. It has been accurate in its prediction more than 95.80% times since 2001. What’s more is that Forex Megadroid promises to use this futuristic technology quadruple every dollar you invest in Forex trading!

There is another huge benefit to Forex Megadroid. It is commonly known in the Forex trading industry that many brokers will trade against their clients and use tactics like off quote errors, high spreads and slippage to make it difficult for a Forex robot to turn a profit on a regular basis. Forex Megadroid is the first robot to be able to offer anti-broker protection to traders.

Another edge that Forex Megadroid has over other Forex robots is that it is designed to perform under any type of market condition, whether it is ranging or making huge losses. Most Forex automated trading systems require a consistent market condition to show any results, but with Forex Megadroid you will be able to make a profit, no matter what the market conditions are.

Forex Megadroid trades only on one currency pair: EUR/USD. While some people may consider this to be a drawback, it is in fact, one of the better trading pairs of all time. Since it trades only in one pair, you may not get a trade every single day. But, what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. Whenever you do trade, you will be sure of making a big profit.

Price: 97 USD$

Buy and download Forex Megadroid

USDBOT Review. An outstanding Forex Robot.

USDBOT Review. An outstanding Forex Robot.

With the entire world economy just beginning to emerge from a what has been a deep global recession, the consequences of taking inappropriate risks in any business dealings is something that’s fresh on everyone’s minds. After all, it did quite a bit of damage to the banking industry, especially in the United States. This is even more true in the foreign exchange industry, which is already notorious for being especially volatile, albeit potentially quite lucrative. They say there is no great reward without great risk, but a lot of folks are afraid of going out on a limb at this time. Fortunately, they may now have a good reason to change the way they think about Forex investment.

The makers of the new USDBOT, automated trading system, have a great understanding for the stress that can plague inexperienced traders. Anybody that’s just getting started in this business, and is currently trying to familiarize themselves with all the ins and outs of the trading process knows how important it is to seek guidance from those that are more experienced. There are a ton of new players in the Forex game that would kill to have an expert in their back pocket, helping them call the plays on a daily basis.

This is precisely the role that USDBOT has been specifically engineered to fill, and it is this unique approach to foreign exchange trading that has anticipation running high for the day the software comes out of beta. It’s programmed to work literally just like a robot, and is able to think its way through the decision making process on your behalf. The algorithms it uses are based on several years of in-depth research into the trading patterns that the professionals use, and it is this insight that will allow USDBOT to make intelligent, trustworthy decisions. When it’s your investment funding on the line, you should be settling for absolutely nothing less.

Some of the features USDBOT offers are:

  • Trades with multiple currencies: EURUSD – USDJPY
  • Intraday trading
  • High spread protection
  • Low drawdown
  • Built in money management
  • Free life time upgrades
  • 4 Bonus guides with the purchase: Intro to Forex, Risk Management, Trader’s Emotional Toolkit and Trading Successfully

On the other hand, the problem that the makers of this software face is that they have, perhaps, priced their product a little too low for their own good. By all accounts, USDBOT is going to be just as powerful and reliable as automated forex packages costing several times as much, and that has some people feeling less confident. The expense of the package is not really the concern, since it is very competitively priced, so much as the fact that people want an auto-trader that’s going to be able to handle their money responsibly. It’s the investment funds themselves that are at risk in the eyes of potential buyers.

As such, the company has decided to make the pledge that if people are unable to make serious profits using the techniques included with their trading robot, they’ll buy it back within a span of 60 days. It’s a promise that they probably won’t have to make good on, based on the positive results of months of rigorous testing USDBOT has been put through. Still, it will go a long way to secure a trusted place in the minds of young, ambitious currency traders the world over.

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